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How Can Choosing uPVC Materials Save You Money?

Dec Thu, 2022

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, or uPVC, is a material used for windows and doors with several advantages if you prefer it. Its sustainable nature distinguishes it from other window materials and makes it a popular choice among many people because of its recycling nature, uPVC is regarded as the most eco-friendly material; the material may be recycled even after decades of use.

Below are a few features of uPVC material that help you save money

Energy Efficiency

The insulating features of uPVC material prevent heat from entering the home and maintain optimal temperatures. These insulating features also serve to reduce noise. The heat insulation capabilities let you save money on your electric bills and are said to be superior to aluminium.

The uPVC multi-chambered sections have innovative double-seal mechanisms that perfectly insulate your home against heat.


Durability and Affordability

uPVC is regarded as one of the finest replacements for conventional window materials due to the exceptional durability standard it provides, and they operate effectively for decades while maintaining the same quality. Only if you want to alter the colour of your frame can they be replaced. 

Due to their standard durability, uPVC windows are a one-time investment; once installed, there will be fewer expenditures for maintenance or replacements.


Eco-Friendly and Low-Maintenance

uPVC material has heat insulation capabilities and is 100% lead-free; it can be recycled completely even after decades of use. These windows are made with a calcium-zinc stabiliser, making them a patented “Greenline” material. Due to the nature of the material, you will also be contributing to the environment just by being at home.

Unlike other window materials that necessitate sealing and painting, uPVC takes less care in terms of cleaning and upkeep. If the windows become dusty, just wiping them off with a clean microfiber cloth and washing them with water would be enough. The material does not rust due to its non-corrosive character.


Security and Fire-Resistance

The uPVC material is not easily broken and is made of unbreakable plastic, making it one of the most secure window materials. The benefit of installing this material is that it safeguards your property while also providing a stylish appearance.

uPVC material is self-extinguishing, thus in the instance of a fire, its intrinsic strength prevents it from changing shape or size. Because of its fire resistance, uPVC is considered a great material for any household or commercial building.

As you have learned, a few of the finest advantages of uPVC is that it is extremely cost-effective and the ideal alternative to traditional windows. Ökotech’s uPVC profiles are created from proprietary lead-free and non-toxic uPVC formulations. It enables you to create a wide choice of world-class uPVC profiles that offer energy efficiency, cost savings, and perfect performance during the profile’s entire lifecycle.