Create energy-efficient spaces with uPVC window and door

Apr Sat, 2022

In a land as climatically diverse as India, energy efficiency is key. It is advisable to use materials that are equally effective in the cold winters, the hot summers, and the wet monsoons. uPVC is one such material that comes with a wide range of benefits and features, while also being extremely energy-efficient.

With advanced double and triple glazing options, you get excellent thermal insulation, which helps in keeping the indoors cool in summers and warm in winters. These energy efficient windows and doors will help save up to 30% on energy costs which would have otherwise gone towards running ACs and heaters. High quality uPVC window & door profiles are also great at providing excellent noise insulation, cutting down outside noise by up to 40 decibels, allowing for calmer indoors, and a more relaxed lifestyle.

In the summers, spaces that receive direct sunlight get extremely hot because of something called the “greenhouse effect”. This is when the heat that has entered the space has no way to escape, thus heating up the indoors considerably.

Why uPVC is the best choice for energy efficient windows and doors

Energy efficient window and door profiles made of uPVC are extremely eco-friendly and reliable window and door systems. They can greatly reduce energy consumption, thereby cutting down electricity bills up to 30%. Ă–kotech uPVC window and door systems also use energy-saving insulated glass units that are up to three times more effective at maintaining cooler indoor temperatures than normal glass. Multi-chambered sections and a unique double seal mechanism further increase the energy efficiency of uPVC windows and doors.

The right kind of glazing based on your location and the functional requirements of your space can also make a big difference in terms of energy-efficiency. Double glazing is where two glass panes are separated by a cavity that is filled with vacuum or argon. This cavity acts as a barrier because it is a poor conductor of heat, and thereby stops the heat from being transferred indoors.

Similarly, triple glazing uses three panes of glass that are also separated by cavities. The primary and secondary seals used in these windows prevent heat and moisture from entering your space. This is what makes double or triple glazed windows the perfect energy efficient solution for Indian homes.

Other advantages of uPVC window and door systems

Extremely low on maintenance – Built for durability and functionality, uPVC window and door systems are the best energy-efficient windows and doors as they do not require polishing or expensive repairs, unlike traditional materials like wood. They will look great for years to come, with no rusting or discolouration.

Termite and bug free – uPVC windows and doors are totally resistant to termites and other types of insect infestations. You also have the option to install an extra bug mesh for added protection against bugs & pests.

No fire scare – uPVC window and door systems are manufactured using a fire retardant in the mix which prevents fire from spreading.

Excellent wind resistance & water tightness – Apart from being the best energy efficient windows, uPVC windows by Ă–kotech are also 100% leak-proof in all weather conditions. They are also built to withstand high wind velocities, thanks to the ”hurricane Bar” inserted into the profile. This makes them the ideal choice for high rise buildings and coastal areas, where buildings are exposed to highly corrosive conditions with strong winds.

If you’re looking for the best energy efficient windows and doors which are also sleek, stylish, functional and easy to maintain, then look no further than Ökotech. Our extensive range of world-class uPVC door and window systems is backed by exceptional customer service and a wide network of dealers and fabricators across the country.